Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Romantic Summer Nights

11 Best Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Romantic Summer Nights

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Gathering in front of the fire at night with friends or family is no longer an unusual thing, in fact this is the best idea for fun all summer. Playing in front of the water at night also gives a romantic feel to those of you who are on your honeymoon.

While sitting in the garden with a fire in the middle, you can enjoy a glass of wine or grilled food that can melt your night atmosphere. Kali has already collected several fire pit ideas in your backyard. Make sure you prepare it for summer nights.

11 Best Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

1. Customize with fabric for more interesting

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

You can try to make the pit of fire more prominent to enjoy your summer night. You can add a special pillow on the default chair. Then the appearance of the fabric also provides many advantages, not only adding character, paint and color but also providing comfort when you sit close to a campfire.

2. Consider a good shape

Consider a good shape

If outdoor furniture already exists, take measurements and make sure you also pay attention to existing pieces. Around the sofa or in front of it, a fire pit will add beauty and provide warmth throughout your summer night.

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3. Pay attention to privacy

Pay attention to privacy

Next, the idea of ​​making a fire pit in your backyard is to pay attention to your privacy. You can create privacy with a hedge from plants. Making a fire pit out of concrete around the fence of a plant can add to your privacy with your lover.

4. Keep It Separate

If you make a fire pit near a pond, then move your chair slightly away from the fire pit. You can arrange chairs and tables near the pool. Green grass around the pool is the main attraction for the beauty of your hangout.

5. Make a fire pit match the seat

Another idea is to take a place that is forested, you can find a place under a wooden tree, it will display a modern and classic atmosphere and use a concrete basin as a fire pit. Let the fire pit stand alone without any connection to the seat. But try to color the chairs and fire pit basin remains the same.

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6. You can make the fire pit more cozy

At the back of the house or patio, you can arrange chairs there by making a concrete fire pit. This is a very comfortable part, while enjoying the yard and plants that you plant.

7. Hang String Lights for more romantic

Another idea to make a fire pit become interesting and become a place for your toys during the summer is to add lights to the back of the house. Take the part that has plants, and hang a little lamb lined up among small trees. You put the sofa in the backyard and make a fire pit in the middle. This is not only romantic for couples but also displays classic attraction.

8. Stick to the Basics

A classic cast iron bowl can be an alternative to a fire pit. You can put lower than your sitting position. Use a black butterfly chair to give more fierce accents in the middle of your yard. You can make this fire pit place as a place to enjoy small meals or drinks while discussing with friends or couples on a summer night.

9. Enclose It With Rocks

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Romantic

Another best idea for making a fire pit in the backyard of a house is to make a circular place like in the picture. You can line up big stones around the relaxing place. In the middle, make a table with a fire pit in the middle. This will give you the beauty and romantic impression on a summer’s evening.

10. Channel a Campfire

Channel a Campfire fire pit

Make a bonfire for family members gathering place. We can prepare it near the lake or pond, for concrete chairs that surround the campfire.

This is a very good moment for family relax. You can provide plenty of food and drinks to spend a warm night.

That’s the 10 best designs or ideas for a fire pit in the backyard during the summer. Summer is a moment for families to gather at night, so with a fire pit, this can bring the perfection of the atmosphere in bringing pleasure and happiness.