Bernhardt Furniture

Speaking of Bernhardt Furniture is speak about one of the best furniture brands in the world. This is about their family and your family. More than 125 years ago, furniture companies in North Carolina have been living and growing rapidly in meeting the needs of your family, this is still under family management. Since 1889, Bernhardt Furniture still exists as a family company dedicated to the welfare of the Lenoir, NC community.

The name of this family company (Bernhardt Furniture) comes from the name of its founder, J.M. Bernhardt. He is a man who has high spirits and likes to imagine. Not only built a family business but he also prioritized high social responsibility and perseverance. He was able to wake up his imagination and then use the wood around him especially in the mountainous area of North Carolina.

Bernhardt Furniture Success Story

Starting in 1889, J.M. Bernhardt as a man of high spirits began to build furniture from white oak trees which are native to the North Carolina mountains. The results of the furniture he made, finally the Bernhardt Furniture company has a high reputation because of its complicated and high-quality and durable products. Finally, Bernhardt found distributors and big traders in big cities like New York and Chicago.

Bernhardt Furniture product

The love relationship between the Bernhardt family and its employees is intertwined during the period of conflict in this century. George Bernhardt returned from the first world war and then rebuilt his company. Support and assistance from its employees, finally Bernhardt Furniture can again be built and carry out its activities.

After successfully recovering from the test that struck during the first world war, Bernhardt again experienced trials in the second world war. Many employees at this time went to war by making their contracts with the government. So, the Lenoir women then advanced to revive this company, they learned how to turn on the engine, keep the business going and going forward during the second world war.

After the end of World War II, veterans received living allowances, this helped them to buy home furniture to fill the spaces in their homes. This period is a lucky time for a family company named Bernhardt Furniture.

This company is always under the strict control of the Bernhardt family. The journey of history continues from the second world war to the 1980’s. In the mid-1980s the company fell and many of its trademarks did not sell in the market. Finally, the company focuses on national brands that are concentrated in the name Bernhardt. Furthermore, in 1981, the company initiated a new division called Bernhardt Design. Now the company has been producing furniture for office, conference rooms and later becoming one of the leading stylists and reliable furniture suppliers.

By sticking to the values of its founder, John Bernhardt, the company entered the millennium era and opened a new company engaged in the fabric and leather business. From year to year, the Bernhardt Furniture company made rapid progress.

Then, in 2009, Bernhardt Furniture opened a new division “Bernhardt Hospitality”, which separated sales, this new division was made to regulate the supply of furniture to the hospitality market.

The development of this furniture company continues to accelerate. Against the community and employees have brought Bernhardt Furniture far past the city of Lenoir, North Carolina. Bernhardt Furniture practices its trading business in accordance with applicable international rules and laws. Meaning, this company puts forward the principle of justice, politeness that can be accepted by the public at large. For development and success, the company expects suppliers to implement the same system.

As a company leader, Alex Bernhardt, Sr., is committed to bringing his company to benefit from support from design to production. He said:

“We want to go beyond simply complying with environmental legislation and regulations; we want to become the leading supporters in our community and industry. As a family-owned and operated company, we care about the health and welfare of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our community, and our planet. “

The success of his company has won numerous awards from various media and industry experts. Among the awards received were the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD). This company has recognized the extraordinary Bernhardt design.

At present, the Bernhardt Furniture company has operated eight company facilities and its headquarters is in North Carolina. Until now Bernhardt Furniture has become a forum for employment, he has as many as 1,250 employees worldwide and has 5 offices abroad.