Best Beach Getaways

Best beach getaways – Do you feel tired of confining alone or with family in a winter home that only has snow outside the house? Tired of looking out of the house through the window because it only looked snow. Maybe this is the time for you to wander and enjoy your vacation in a warmer place. There you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that is disappearing in your place, you can see palm trees swaying with warm air and various other beauties.

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If you plan for your vacation, we have chosen a number of suitable locations for your tourist destination with your loved ones. This tourist spot is a beach, the best beach in the world which is a tourist destination for many who are bored with winter.

Below we release a number of destinations that you can consider for the best beach getaways in the world.

10 Best Beach Getaways You Have to Visit

Best Beach Getaways

1. Barcelona

One of the best vacation beaches is Barcelona. In the tourist site Barcelona it is said that the Costa de Barcelona has 28 Blue Flag award beaches. Everything can be accessed with wifi for free and this is certainly just a part of it and there are still many other things to do in Barcelona.

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Best Beach Getaways

2. Rio de Janeiro

This also includes the holiday destination that is cool for you. Try to imagine a vacation on a warm beach with a beautiful and dark nightlife. Brazil is a place with a population of more than 6 million people and Rio de Janeiro is one of the beautiful places to visit.

The famous ones in Rio de Janeiro are Christ the Redeemer statues, museums, rain forests, gardens, stunning views, the best and beautiful beaches, which include Copacabana, Prainha Beach, and Barra da Tijuca Beach which are the longest beaches in Brazil.

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Best Beach Getaways

3. Miami Beach, Fla.

One of the beaches that is suitable as a place for your vacation is the beach of Miami. This beach is famous for Art Deco architecture, this beautiful island is opposite the city of Miami and is only limited by bridges. Not only the beauty of the beach that you can enjoy but also can enjoy other things such as fine dining, active nightlife, spas, tennis, fishing, and golf.

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Gold Coast, Australia, Beach Getaways

4. Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast which is located in Australia is a beach destination that is open and sandy. There are also many theme parks here, such as Sea World. There is a place on the outskirts of the city called Surfers Paradise, with all-time servants.

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Búzios, Best Beach Getaways

5. Búzios, Brazil

At number 5, the best vacation beach is Buzios, Brazil. The resorts for those with a lot of money are on the tranquil ocean peninsula, located next to the east of Rio de Janeiro.

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Myrtle Beach

6. Myrtle Beach, S.C.

This also includes a favorite beach with its golf resorts. Here you can enjoy the famous white sand beach as a place to swim, water sports, and even enjoy the activities of collecting seashells. You can also get hotel and restaurant services.

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Málaga, Spain beach

7. Málaga, Spain

Malaga is another destination that you must visit. This place is in southern Spain, Costa del Sol, Malaga. You can enjoy the beach swimming pool with golden sand.

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Christmas, Brazil, best beach getaways

8. Christmas, Brazil

Furthermore, the best vacation beach in the world is at Natal, Brazil. This beach is located on the shoulders of South America and this place became popular after being visited by Europeans to enjoy their holidays. If you are surfers, then this is a tourist destination that you really want. Not only beautiful beaches, but also amazing sandy hills. The beach is also said to be the most beautiful beach in Brazil.

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Fortaleza, Brazil, Best Beach Getaways

9. Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza is a famous destination with beautiful beaches, with red cliffs, palm trees, lagoons, and sand dunes, it is very satisfying for a family tourist destination. It is located in northeastern Brazil. The most crowded period of visitors is in the summer of December to February.

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Porto De Galinhas, best beach destination

10. Porto De Galinhas, Brazil

Porto De Galinhas has a beautiful, clear, clean beach and white sand. In addition, this beach also has turquoise skies and quiet nights. It is located in the municipality of Ipojuca, 70 kilometers from Recife, the beach features natural pools filled with colorful fish. In this beach, there are natural pools filled with colorful fish.

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