Best Cities In America

It cannot be denied that America is the largest country in the world today and is an important tourist destination in the world. In America, you can visit various places such as the world museum, architectural icons, historical places, natural beauty, and various other places.

In this article, we release some of the best cities in America that you deserve to visit.


New York is a large city in the United States and dubbed as “the city of the world”. How not, various important things centered there, even New York is the center of financial and world art.

Wall Street to Broadway, is part of the luxury of New York, a new restaurant that is ready to serve a variety of menu dishes around the world. In addition, New York is also a shopping center for a variety of luxury accessories. If you don’t find it here, maybe you won’t find it anywhere else. With this incredible information, New York is a city that you must visit, at least once in a lifetime. How? Are you interested in this world city?

New York best cities in America

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San Francisco is the most beautiful city in America, although it has now lost some of its charms, it remains one of the best cities in America. In this city, you can enjoy houses with Victorian style, landmarks, stretches of sand, gardens, and amazing cultural attractions.

The golden gate bridge adds to the beauty of this old city. If you already feel the beauty of this city, it looks like you will find it hard to leave or move to another place.

San Francisco is best cities in America


Furthermore, the best city in America in Los Angeles. This is a dream city for anyone who loves beauty. Los Angeles is the city where rich people live in the United States. Many celebrities live there and enjoy their days. All those who are already famous find their identity in this city. LA. truly a city that gives you experience depends on what you like. Do you want to get experience in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, or Beverly Hills, but this is a graceful and charming experience.

Los Angeles best city in america


This is a city of passion for America even though the impression and style are more similar to Europe. Not towering buildings or skyscrapers that make this city charming. In fact, the city of Washington DC has more buildings and lower buildings in the classic style. In this city, there are many museums and monuments that Americans always visit. Besides that, Washington is now also trying to present many dishes with extraordinary tastes.

Washington DC best cities in America

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Miami is one of the popular city in the United States, it is famous to the world as a party city. This city is in the state of Florida in the south. The city is also famous as the center of the most popular resorts in America.

Many visitors in other parts of the world come for enjoying the beauty of the world with all its pleasures. Miami’s Beach is one of the most crowded beaches in the world.

Miami is good cities in America


Las Vegas is another city that is not less famous, the best cities in America is that famous for its gambling and even the biggest gambling industry in this city. In addition, Las Vegas is a high-level shopping and entertainment center.

The evening entertainment made all the souls fascinated, it was also dubbed the city of fantasy. If you like night entertainment, this city might be the right place for you.

Las Vegas best city


Furthermore, the best city in America is Boston. Boston is not only a city but also American history. This is an old city full of explanations of American history. However, don’t misinterpret this city, even though it is hundreds of years old but new things are also here. New universities appear in the city of Boston.

No need to use a car, to explore many tourist attractions, you can walk so that every important and beautiful point you can enjoy without being left behind.

Boston one of the best city in America


Chicago is a well-known city in America, but it is not known what made this city less interested by foreign visitors. In fact, Chicago is a city with world-class architecture, diverse cultures, and foods. Not only that, but Chicago also provides theater, clubs, jazz, and even you can shop boulevards, Michigan Avenue.

Chicago is beautiful cities in America


Maybe not only as the best cities in America, but Philadelphia is also said to be a fun and safe city in America.

The attraction of this city is like it is more in demand by locals than foreign tourists. In this city, there are many restaurants of various dishes and there are also museums.

Philadelphia best cities


This city is also included in the list of the best city in America. Although the city is filled with poverty, the effects of hurricane Katrina, social problems but the city of New Orleans should be one of the cities that you should stop by.

There is great food that you can taste here, the French Quarter, relax in the jazz bars on a slum road. This is an elegant yet intangible city.


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