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Top 10 Best Furniture Brands List – Best Quality Manufacturers

Best Furniture Brands
Aspen Home Furniture

Are you looking for the best furniture brand this year? We provide a lot of information about the best furniture that satisfies your heart. What is the best furniture brands company in 2018? Here, we have collected 10 lists of the best and high-quality furniture brands.

We are the same as you, we are always looking for the best brands for household furniture because this reflects your elegant taste. If you have the same taste, we provide the following list of the best furniture companies for you.

Very many reliable furniture companies in the world that provide various quality and fashionable furniture. However, we only choose what we think is best in terms of quality and style. Unique furniture design and luxurious style. So, don’t hesitate to continue browsing our pages about home and decoration to find your favorite.

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10 Best Furniture Brands List

Among the names of the best furniture companies are Aspen Home Furniture, Stickley, Hooker Furniture Corporation, and some of the best other furniture brands.

1. Aspen Home Furniture

Aspen Home Furniture is one company that really pays attention to the problem of your home furniture style. From small companies evolve into a company that specializes in selling a variety of innovative, stylish, quality furniture brands and provides comfort for you and your family.

To prove this, the Aspen Home Furniture company has won many awards for its comfort and quality product.

2. Hooker Home Furniture

Hooker Furniture is an old company that was founded in 1925 and this company is a business leader in its field. A company based in Martinsville, Virginia employs 800 employees and is well-known as a quality furniture company.

The products offered are quality and some of the products are coated with leather quality. You can get a lot of products in the living room, dining room and home office.

3. Baker furniture company

Furthermore, the best furniture company is Baker Furniture. This company was founded in 1995. If you are a hobby with traditional, contemporary style items, maybe you can go to this company. It produces traditional products such as beds, dining furniture, and office furniture.

Baker Furniture is able to provide products with high quality but cheap prices. This company competes with other large companies and is able to become one of the highest earning companies.

4. Bassett Home Furnishings

Bassett Home Furnishings is an old company that is around 100 years old. It has a commitment from the beginning to provide comfort to his customers. This company is able to compete and prove itself as a company engaged in long-term furniture services.

5. Bernhardt Interior

Even older than the previous furniture company, Bernhardt has been established 125 years ago, Bernhardt is one of the leading companies in the world of furniture. Founded in 1889, Bernhardt is a large family of NC companies. This large company is located in northern California.

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Unlike other companies, even though age is old. Besides producing the latest products with modern styles, the company is also able to maintain the classic style with a wide selection of quality classic products. The artistic details of the products make them different from other companies in the furniture sector.

6. Century Co

Another company engaged in this field and has tested its quality is Century Co... It has been established 100 years ago. The products are beautiful, stylish and comfortable and this is their priority to provide comfort to consumers. For those who like traditional products, this company can be an option.

The design of the product is classic and attractive. In 2013, Century Co. received the award as the AmericasMart Medal of Excellence ICON. With this, they really appear as a well-known furniture company in America.

7. Drexel Heritage

Drexel Heritage company offers quality furniture for its customers. It was born in 1903 by producing various classic products. The extraordinary design puts this company as the best design inspiration.

Inspired by natural evolution in the 1990s, the company began publishing sophisticated and modern products while still providing an extraordinary classic feel. Since the 21st century, Drexel Heritage provides versatile furniture suitable for children, adults, and pets.

8. Henredon

Furthermore, one of the best furniture brands is Henredon. Starting from the spirit of 4 young men who wanted to build quality and comfortable furniture until Henredon was born. This high-class company was founded in 1945 at Morganton.

Henredon is a furniture company born of talented hands and passionate workers. Thanks to all this, Henredon became one of the famous and advanced furniture companies.

9. La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy company also produces furniture in an innovative and comfortable style. The company which was founded in 1928 carved its history from recliners, lift chairs, sofas, sleeping sofas to stationary chairs. As one of the leading and successful companies, he has employed thousands of people in companies spread across America.

Now the company has sold its products throughout the world such as Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

10. Stickley

Stickley, the name of the company founded by Gustav Stickley. This company is very concerned about the quality of wood used in various furniture.

Although it was founded in 1900, the company is able to adapt itself to a variety of modern styles so that its various products are also packed in a modern and charming style. Here we want to show one of the reviews from Stickley customers.

“They are not just excellent to deal with; they are always willing to help and make your furniture selection experience easy.” Thus said by one of his customers.

Those are some of the best furniture manufacturer brands. If you need high-quality home furnishings, offices, etc., you can go to one of these companies.