Berkeley, California, best Places To Live In California

Do you want to know the best places to live in California? There is no reason to crave a place to live in California, a beautiful place with a variety of natural charms makes everyone want to enjoy the natural beauty of this part of the country. More than 39 million people live there. The beauty of California is carved from mountains, beaches, the Golden state, silicon valleys, big cities, small towns, and others, all of which give color to California so that many earthlings want to settle there.

10 Best Places To Stay In California

Covering 163,000 miles, California is a major country in America. So, there are many of the best cities to live in California. However, some cities are more popular and prominent compared to other cities because there are attractions, climate, and various other conditions, so we recommend the 10 best cities to live in California.

1. San Diego, CA

San Diego, Best Places To Live In California

This is a big city in California, there are around 1.3 million people living in this city. The city of San Diego is famous and was chosen as a place to settle because the temperature is pretty good. The average temperature ranges from 50 to 70 F. This weather allows outsiders to explore various attractions such as Balboa Park, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo

2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, Best Places To Live In California

Los Angeles is even the largest city in California, the population is not half-hearted, it is estimated that the population is around 3.8 million people. If you often watch LA movies, of course you know what the climate is in this city. The warm and sunny climate is one of the concerns of many people to settle in this big city. However, there is no rain, Los Angeles also has small-scale rain in spring and winter. Los Angeles not only functions as a Hollywood home but also functions as a center for fashion, company, and business.

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The city closest to Los Angeles is cypress. In this city there is a school that is well-known throughout the world, this is the Oxford Academy University. So, for those interested in education, it is very feasible for them to settle and live in this area.

3. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, Best Places To Live In California

Furthermore, the best city in California that is famous for its natural beauty is San Francisco. This is a city with a population of around 805,000 located in the bay. The geographical location of San Francisco has caused the city to be covered in fog, breezes and cold weather.

Around the city of San Francisco, you can visit other major cities such as Chinatown, Alcatraz, Lombard Street, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Around this, there are more than 200 parks and become an important point for those of you who like fitness. Fitness lovers, it is very suitable to live in this city, a fitness place that is all on the hill becomes its own challenge before you start fitness.

4. Berkeley, California

Berkeley, California, Places To Live In California

There are around 112,000 people living there. This is a city with mild temperatures, but there are seasonal rainfall and wet winters. The city of Berkeley is known as a city to promote small businesses, so in general, the atmosphere here feels like in a small town. However, you can still enjoy various entertainment here such as Arts Festival, Juggling, Kite Festival, and Unicycling Festival and there is even a unique festival, this is the “How Berkeley Can You Be” festival.

If you are staying here looking for work, Zippia is a good place for you.

5. Irvine, California

Irvine, Best Places To Live In California

Furthermore, the best city to live in California is Irvine. This is a small city with a population of around 212,000 residents. It is located on the coast so this place is cool in the winter and warm in summer and sometimes it is also humid.

Irvine is the host city of famous schools in America, the University of California and several other schools. More than a third of the city is a green park that attracts the eye. For nature lovers from the outside, it is suitable to live here. Almost every path that is passed is an extraordinary green park.

6. San Jose, California

San Jose, Best city To Live In California

San Jose is one of the best places to live in California. This is classified as a large city with a population of 945,000. San Jose is known as the capital of Silicon Valley. Every day the sun is lit with an average of 300 days per year. This area holds a lot of educated workers and generally they work in the technology section.

If you are interested in this area and want to study in a certain place, then Cupertino is your alternative. A city with San Jose California.

7. Fresno, CA

Fresno, Best cities To Live In California

Fresno is a city of residence with a relatively low cost of living in California. The city is home to around 494,000 residents. Another interesting thing is adjacent to Yosemite National Park. The Tower District is a center for local activities and shopping with a variety of entertainment including dining, arts and entertainment options.

8. Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, Best Places To Live In California

Santa Barbara is a small town in California with beautiful views. This city is only occupied by around 88,000 residents. The warm climate is influenced by beaches and hills, if you are happy with hiking and surfing, this place is right for you.

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There is a most interesting show every year, this is the Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival. In this case, more than 150 beautiful images are made along the way.

9. San Mateo County, CA

San Mateo County, Best Places To Live In California

San Mateo is one of the cities in California, including San Mateo, Palo Alto, Redwood City, and Half Moon Bay.

The city has weather similar to San Francisco. San Mateo is inhabited by around 97,000 residents, the surrounding towns are smaller in size. This small city is famous for its many large companies, especially technology companies. In addition, well-known schools such as Stanford University. Unemployment here is also relatively low because on average they are educated people.

10. Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California, Best city To Live In California

The climate in the city of Sacramento is hot summer and cool evening breezes, but the temperature is still moderate. Sacramento with a population of around 466,000 is the capital of California. As the capital, the city became a political center for California. Many students and health experts live in this city and they even call it California State University at Sacramento and the UC David Medical Center. Do you want to move to this city? If you live here you can enjoy Lake Tahoe or the Kings match. Local residents can also enjoy meals at more than 1,200 restaurants.

One of the great places for your family is nearby Folsom, here you will get a good income, high rating schools, and affordable housing costs. If you want cheaper, you can move to Yuba City, the cost of living in this city is below average.