Interesting Facts About Asia

13 Interesting Facts About Asia

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After we explore the facts about Indonesia and facts about Japan. This time we will see interesting facts about Asia, the largest continent that has become the busiest place in the world. There are interesting and even extreme things in Asia that you should know about.

Asia is a place on earth that is still developing today. Modernization continues to increase and in the same way lifestyle is increasingly affected by society. Old life habits gradually disappear and this is an interesting thing that we should know. So, immediately travel to Asia because there are many things you can understand, you understand and learn from nature there and be prepared to be surprised by a variety of facts about Asia that you did not know before.

The Word “Asia” is a mystery

Until now the word “ASIA” is still mysterious, even linguists don’t know exactly which language the word “Asia” comes from. Often the Greeks are considered as people who built the concept of Asia, but this cannot guarantee that they know about the word “Asia”.

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This is a woman’s name

ASIA, is a word used as a name for a woman, and means “sunrise”. The sun rises in the east. There are also those who claim that Asia is a word that comes from “Aisha”, this is the name of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad the most knowledgeable. But in ancient mythology, Asia is considered to be a woman or mother of Atlas.

Facts About Asia: Largest Continent

The earth we inhabit consists of 7 continents, but Asia is the largest among them. Of the 30% land that is inhabited by humans, Asia is the largest place of the seven continents.

Technically, the continents of Asia and Europe are two continents that are connected to form the Eurasian landmass, but then separate and form these two continents.

There are many different things with Asia, including geology, politics and culture. But one fact about Asia, it is the largest land called the largest continent in the world.

Place for Tallest Mountains

Another facts about Asia is tallest mountain place. The highest mountains in the world are all located in Asia. Famously there are 14 highest mountains rising into the sky popularly known as the Eight-Thousanders. Each mountain has a height reaching 8,000 meters (26,246 feet) tall. The ten highest mountain peaks are in the Himalayas, and the remaining four are in karakoram.

Everest Peak is one of the most popular and highest in the world, but not the most dangerous. There is another mountain which is very dangerous, this is Annapurna in Nepal. 33% of Annapurna mountain climbers die, meaning that 1 in 3 climbers die as when attempt.

Most People’s Habitation

Not only is it the largest continent, but Asia is the most populous place. There are around 4.46 billion inhabitants of the earth in the Asian continent. Or this is about 60% of the earth’s population there.

Most populous countries in the world are almost all in Asia, or three of the most populous countries in the world are located in Asia. The three countries are China, India and Indonesia. Only America (the third most populous country in the world) is outside Asia. and Indonesia is the fourth most populous country after China, India and America.

Busiest Cities, One Facts About Asia

Asia is also one of the busiest centers or locations with human activities. The six busiest cities in the world are located in Asia. Maybe you have never heard of the most populous city in this world. This is Chongqing, the most important city in China, with a population of around 30 million.

If we count the population within the city limits, then the city of Shanghai, China is a densely populated city with 24 million people living there. By comparison, the city of New York, America alone is not yet inhabited by 10 million inhabitants.

Macau has a very high population density

This is a fact about Asia, being the place for most cities with the highest population and most populous, no wonder if Asia is the most populous continent.

Macau is an administrative region of China with an average population of 21,411 people in each kilomter area. This is the most populous place in the world. Singapore is ranked third as a densely populated area, with 21,101 people per mile.

People Live Longer

Another fact about Asia is that there are many people in Asia who live longer. Many countries in Asia have an older population or have a longer life expectancy. Based on information from the United Nations, countries with long-lived populations are Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Japan is the country with the longest population

Japan is a country with a longer life expectancy, all organizations in the world agree that Japan is a magical country with the best life expectancy. But the CIA made Monaco as the country in the first place as the country with the longest population and Japan was ranked as the country in second.

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The average age of Japanese is 80.9 for men and 86.6 years for women. While the average age of the American population is lower at 76.4 based on 2015 UN data.

Facts About Asia: Japan has many millionaires

Who would have thought it turned out that millionaires in Japan were compared to the more developed countries like Germany, China, Italy, France. This is an interesting fact about Asia, and America is the country that ranks first as a country that holds many millionaires. So, Japan is ranked second.

Many rich people make Tokyo their home compared to Paris, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

China is a country with the most billionaires

In 2016, China was the country with the highest number of billionaires and even exceeded America. While 2018 data show that 234 billionaires are more than China. This is a number that exceeds the number of billionaires in America.

Now, the richest person in Asia is Ma Huateng. He is a technology and entertainment entrepreneur. He also created the social application QQ and WeChat, both of which are the most popular applications in China.

Bangkok is the most visited city

Who would have thought that this is a unique fact in Asia. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, turned out to be the city with the most visitors in the world, even defeating New York, London and Paris.

In addition, Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala lumpur and Singapore also often ranks as the 10th most frequent international visit.

Facts About Asia: Unexplored Places

Another interesting fact about Asia is the number of natural places and unspoiled beauty that are even considered wild places. As said in the post “facts about Indonesia“, there are around 44 tribes that cannot be contacted and they live in groups in the remote forests of Papua, Indonesia.

In addition to Papua, Sumatra is also one of the places that still have tribes that live in the forest, Sumatra is indeed close to the city of Kuala Lumpur but in fact, in the Sumatran rainforest there are tribes that are still isolated and do not want to live in the open like most other people. In fact they could not be known where it was, meaning that there were still many hiding places in the Sumatran rainforest.

Orangutans are becoming extinct

Interesting Facts About Asia, orangutan in sumatra

The orangutans are one of the victims resulting from the practice of opening agricultural land such as oil palm land. Orangutans are considered creatures that are heading for extinction.

In this world there are only two places inhabited by orangutans, namely Sumatra, Indonesia and Kalimantan, Indonesia.