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10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia

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This time we will dig further about the facts about Indonesia, a green country known as the equatorial emerald. Indonesia is a large country, with a variety of ethnic groups and cultures that exist along the equator. Indonesia is truly rich in nature both natural resources and the nation’s culture. There are unique things we need to know about the green country above this equator.

Based on its size, Indonesia is a large country in remote Asia and is ranked 4th in the world as the most populous country in its population. This is a miraculous geological state, there are hundreds of volcanoes and no volcanoes that line the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Exploring Indonesia is really very interesting and there are many exotic places that enchant your feelings.

Bali is one of the extraordinary tourist attractions and many foreign bang visited. He is famous as the best honeymoon place in Asia. Bali is the only area that is widely known abroad, even though there is still a lot of natural wealth and beauty that is presented throughout Indonesia, including the westernmost island, Aceh. Next we look further about the hidden facts of Indonesia.

Amazing Facts About Indonesia

1. Indonesia Is Busy and Young

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, and its population in 2016 was around 261.1 million people. In this case, Indonesia was defeated by China, India and the United States.

There are many Indonesians who are looking for work abroad, in 2012 the population growth was around 1.04%.

From 1971 to 2010, Indonesia’s population doubled. In 2016, Indonesia’s population had an average age of 28.6 years, while in the United States the average rate was 37.8 when viewed from the 2015 survey.

2. Diverse religions: Facts about Indonesia

The majority and generally Indonesian people are Sunni Muslims. But the religion of the population is very diverse if we pass from west to east.

There are some people among them who become Christians because of Christianization. In fact, Islam has long been growing peacefully and side by side with other religions there such as Hinduism and others.

Bali is a different province in Indonesia, where the majority of the population is Hindu.

3. Indonesia, the country with the largest island

Indonesia is a country that consists of many or even thousands of islands, but there are five of the largest islands in Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java Island, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya Island. The area of ​​Indonesia is 735,358 square, which is the 14th largest country in the world. But if land and sea are counted, then Indonesia is the seventh largest country in the world.

4. The number of islands no one knows how many

Indonesia is a country that has thousands of islands and spreads along the equator. However, no one knows for sure how many. Some islands appear during low tide and how to calculate it also uses a different method so that the results found are also different.

While the Indonesian government claims that the number of islands is 17,504 islands, a survey three years ago found that the total number of islands is 13,466 islands. The CIA said that they thought Indonesia had 17,508 islands. While the Indonesian island which was calculated by the 2002 National Institute of Aeronautics and Space was 18,307.

The names mentioned are 8,844 and only 922 are considered permanent inhabitants.

The condition of the islands that are fragmented and far from one another causes their culture to be homogeneous. If we come and visit every island that has inhabitants, then we will be treated to culture and how to greet guests who are diverse and different from one another. That is Indonesia, a country rich in culture because of its geographical situation which consists of separate islands.

It also causes different language dialects, even regional food.

5. Facts about Indonesia: Bali is the busiest area

Apart from the many islands, but there is only one island that is very famous in the world seantoro namely the island of Bali. Many tourists are stuffing this place with all its uniqueness. Many people are looking for cheap flights to Bali because they want to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and everything that is provided there.

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6. Jungle Tribes Are a Thing

There is something unique in Indonesia, this is the jungle tribe. Maybe for those of you who are modern it’s hard to believe this. Likewise if you live in a metropolitan city like Jakarta, this is really hard for you to believe. Even though the Fajta about Indonesia really is a jungle tribe that lives in the forests of Sumatra. In addition, there are an estimated 100 tribes throughout the world and 44 of them are in Indonesia and they live in Papua and West Papua. This is one of the easternmost provinces of Indonesia.

Even though this world is far away modern, but in Indonesia there is still such a thing as a headhunter. This practice lived several decades ago, even those who were somewhat modern, now have many memories of their grandmothers in the past who lived hunting and cannibals. Cannibals and hunting practices occur on the island of Samosir in Sumatra and Kalimantan Indonesia.

7. The number of volcanoes

Another fact about Indonesia is the number of volcanoes in various places. It is said that there are around 127 active volcanoes to date. Some of the many volcanoes that have erupted since past history such as Mount Toba and Tambora. With so many inhabitants, it is inevitable if most of them live between these volcanoes.

Bali is also an area with volcanoes, there is Mount Agung which always makes many locals and tourists frightened when the eruption of 2017 and 2018 last.

When the volcano erupted karakatau which is a volcano in the ocean which is between the islands of Java and Sumatra, produces a terrible sound and this is written in history. His voice is more than 40 miles and can cause the rupture of their eardrums (tripsavvy.com). Airwaves from the eruption have circled the world 7 times. This is truly a terrible phenomenon happening on this earth. While the tidal wave at that time was measured to have an extraordinary distance as far as the English channel.

Did you know that a volcanic destination in Sumatra is Lake Toba, there is a lake that occurred from a volcanic eruption in the past history. It is said that due to the eruption of this mountain caused the temperature of the earth 1000 years colder due to a lot of debris that was dumped into the atmosphere.

Then, a new island appeared in the middle of Lake Toba, Samosir Island, driven by volcanic activity, and this was the place where the Bataks lived.

8. Indonesia is home to a rare animal, the Komodo dragon

Another fact about Indonesia is the place where large endangered animals such as dinosaur children live, this is a Komodo dragon and only lives in large numbers in Indonesia. Indonesia, is the only place in the world for those of you who want to see Komodo dragons in the wild, living freely like other animals. They live on the island of Komodo and Rinca. These two islands are national parks that are part of eastern Indonesia, NTT, located between Flores and Sumbawa.

9. Indonesia Is Home to Orangutans

One more interesting fact about Indonesia, Indonesia is the only place where orangutans live in the world. The two islands they live in are Sumatra and Kalimantan. Sumatra is a large island that fully belongs to Indonesia, while Kalimantan is a large island divided between three countries namely Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

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An easy place for us to watch orangutans is in Sumatra, namely in Gunung Leuser National Park, close to the village of Bukit Lawang.

10. There Are a Lot of Languages

Indonesia is a large country that extends along the equator. The location of thousands of islands causes people’s lives to be separated from one another so that their situation differs from one another, both in terms of culture, language or in terms of food and others.

Indonesian is a unitary language, but beyond that there are still many languages ​​that are used. More than 700 regional languages ​​are mentioned in their daily language. Papua is an area with 270 dialects. Javanese is a popular language among regional languages. This is because the population reaches 84 million.

Those are 10 interesting facts about Indonesia, hopefully increase our knowledge about this country rich in natural resources.