Interesting Facts About Italy

30 Interesting Facts About Italy, Read Before You Trip

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Interesting facts about Italy are important things you should know before traveling there. You have to know a lot about Italy to make your trip enjoyable.

Do you know how old Italy really is? What does the word “Italy” mean and have you ever heard of Alessandro Volta, who is he? If not, you should read this interesting fact about Italy to make your trip to Italy more enjoyable.

Interesting Facts About Italy that You Should Know

1. The city of Rome is over 2,000 years old

Rome was a city founded by the ancient Roman empire in 753 BC. Rome ruled at that time most of Europe and most of North Africa until 395 AD Then, Italy only split into several states.

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2. Italy is the youngest country in Europe: Facts about Italy

Did you know that Italy is one of the youngest countries in Europe that was only founded in 1861 when the country was separated and united in that of the Italian empire.

3. The last king of Italy ruled for only 36 days

Another interesting fact about Italy is that the Italian king of his time, or the last king of the Italian empire, was reportedly ruling in just 36 days.

Italy existed a kingdom until 1946 when citizens decided to abolish the idea of ​​a monarchy in support of the Republic, this incident was after the second world war. The name of the last king of the Italian empire was Umberto II who ruled on 9 May 1946 to 12 June 1946.

4. Italy has been under dictatorship for 20 years

The dictator Benito Mussolini ruled Italy from 1925 to 1945. Before becoming the leader of the dictatorship of a country he had served as prime minister for three years. Mussolini was a radical socialist but later he allied with Adolf Hitler when World War II would begin. Mussolini was later killed in 1945 by partisan troops.

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5. Italy’s national day is called the Festa della Repubblica

Another interesting fact about Italy is its national day. Their national day is called Festa della Republica. Independence day or national day is commemorated every two June.

6. Facts about Italy: The flag is green, white and red

The flag of Italy consists of green, white and red colors. The colors on the Italian flag have their own meanings. Where the green color means “hope”, white means “faith” and red means “charity”.

The Italian flag is inspired by the French flag which has a similar design. It’s just that the colors are not all the same, if France has blue, white, red, then Italy has the colors Green, white and red, with the same design.

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