Facts About London

London is an old city with a thousand interests. Wrong facts of history today, London is known as the host of tourists. As an old city, it saves a lot of history and this is an attraction for many foreign tourists. This big city is famous as a city of culture and art so people say there is no other city that can beat the aura of London.

To be clearer about London, here we present some facts about London.

1. The Name of “London”

This big city does not only have one name. Long before it was called “London”, this city had many names. The names are Londonium, Ludenburg, and Ludenwic.

2. Roman

Do you know who first set foot here? The Romans were the first people to occupy London and they were the hosts of London.

3. About Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is the head of the United Kingdom, but you know that she must ask permission from Lord Mayor if she wants to enter London. Now, who would have thought that?

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4. Driving on the left

All drivers must drive their vehicle on the left as in ASIA. But there is a special place where the driver must drive the car on the right side. There is always an exception to the rules that are made.

5. The most expensive country

Data for 2016, London is the fifth most expensive city to live in. If you want to live in this city you have to have a lot of money if not then you have to be satisfied with just going there.

6. Visitors to London

2014 was an extraordinary year for London. Why not, around 16 million people visit this city, making it the most visited city. If you want to take a vacation to London, then you have to prepare it in advance, who knows the cheap package ad.

7. London Wants to Rival the Eiffel Tower

This is the history of the past, but it’s not easy to hear because London didn’t do it successfully. In the past, London wanted to build a tower that was higher than Eiffel, but this stopped because the structure of the building was not as expected. Really this is a competition of the past which is now a bad history of London.

8. Illegal to die in Parliament Houses

Right, this is really very funny but we are not joking. Death in a parliamentary house is something that is illegal.

9. The Residence of the Rich

The city of London is the place where rich people live. Because this is what is called the richest city. More than 70 billionaires occupy the city of London.

10. Cereal Café

This is a cereal cafe that provides more than 100 types of cereals from various parts of the world. This is unique so that it becomes one of the facts about London.

11. More than 300 Languages

Another uniqueness and interesting facts about London is language. If you vacation in London then this will be unique. More than 300 languages are the media of communication there.

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12. Big Ben

Maybe you just heard the tower of London. Even though it’s not just a tower. That’s the place called Big Ben. Why? because it has a big bell inside. You certainly didn’t know it before! This tower attracts many European and foreign tourists.

13. The City of most Indian Restaurants

London is the place for Indian restaurants. More Indian restaurants in London than in India alone. In fact, in London there is the largest Indian restaurant in the world. Unique!

14. Unique Mosquito Subspecies

In London, there are unique mosquito subspecies. This mosquito lives in the subway system. This is one of the facts about London that many people don’t know.

This mosquito had surprised scientists. They can evolve independently compared to other mosquitoes that live on land.