Fun Facts About Japan and Japanese

33 Fun Facts About Japan

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Hi friends, this time we will see fun facts about Japan and about the Japanese themselves.

Japan is a developed country located in the Pacific Ocean. Japanese life is much more advanced with some other areas in the Pacific Ocean. Japan has many tall buildings, high rise, national parks and many even thousands of temples. This is a country with a population of 126 million people with high progress.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, a large city famous for its many skyscrapers, kPop lifestyle, preferably Kyoto is a place that is seen many Buddhist temples, shinto shrines, cherry blossoms and beautiful gardens. While typical Japanese dishes can be found everywhere ranging from pubs to gourmet restaurants that provide lots of susi.

At first glance we see that Japan is a developed country with modern life. Many people who wear suits, live like Western culture, even though Japanese people are unique and many things are out of your mind.

Fun Facts About Japan and Japanese

For that, let’s get rid of wrong thoughts, and see how interesting and fun facts about Japan and the situation of Japanese people. Hopefully this inspires and enhances our knowledge.

Fun Facts About Japan and Japan

1. Special forest for suicide

Japan is a country that is synonymous with suicide, everyone who loses in a battle or in a martial match they usually commit suicide. So, it is natural that in Japan there is a forest called “suicide forest”, this is said to be the perfect place for suicide. This forest has the name “Aokigahara forest” a unique and different place for Japanese people. It is famous as the second most horror place in the world that takes many lives after the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. Japan produces the most animation countries

Japan is well-known as a producer of animated films, it is said that about 60% of animated films come from Japan entertaining the world’s population.

This is truly a successful product, so there are around 130 schools specializing in voice acting in Japan.

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4. Most countries are 100 years old

The elderly population of Japan is around 21%, this is the single largest country of the elderly or people over one hundred years old. About 50,000 in Japan are more than 100 years old.

5. The floor is a sign of when to take off sandals and shoes

At the entrance of a Japanese home, it will usually be raised about 15, 24 cm or 6 inches. This indicates that you must remove the sandals and shoes there before entering.

If the house has tatami mat space, then the floor is usually raised about 2.5 inches, and this is also a sign that we have to take off shoes or sandals.

6. Japan, including very safe to live

In Japan there are on average cases of homicide related to firearms every year. Japan, including a very safe area for life. Some say, if you leave your wallet at the bus station, and you return to take it about 1 hour later, you will definitely find your wallet still there.

7. Japanese train on time

Japanese trains are the fastest and most timely vehicles in the world. The average train delay is only 18 seconds.

8. Square watermelons

Why do Japanese people plant watermelons in square or square shapes. It turns out not only as beauty and uniqueness, but there are benefits why Japanese farmers plant watermelons and make their fruit trapped in rectangular boxes.

9. Japan has fewer children than pets.

10. Birth rates in Japan are very low, which is why more adult diapers are sold than baby diapers

Another Facts About Japan & Facts About tJapanese

11. Japanese who survived the sinking of the titanic ship were considered cowards, because they did not dare to die with other people who had died.

12. There is another unique thing, Japan has a maid cafe. Servants who wear servants will act as servants and will treat visitors as masters.

13. There are around 24 billion pairs of chopsticks used in Japan each year.

14. 685 children were rushed to a hospital in Japan in 1997 due to a Pokemon episode which caused dizziness, vomiting and even seizures.

Fun Facts About Japan and Japanese

15. In Japan there are around 5.52 million vending machines that offer everything from soda drinks to sex toys and live crabs.

16. The mention of the word “Ronald McDonald” is called “Donald McDonald” because the Japanese don’t clearly pronounce the letter “R.”

17. Japan has many hot springs and other public baths which prohibit the entry of tattooed men, this is because they are considered to be in league with the gang. Tattooed people are a sign that he is part of a gang.

18. They use paper more for comics rather than toilets.

19. Trains in Japan are so congested that railroad workers are employed as crowds of passengers on trains.

20. If you jump in front of a train to commit suicide, then your family will be given mental health benefits.

Other Intersting Facts About Japan

21. In Japan there are trains that hang, called “floats”, hang over magnetic rails, and run at 550km / h (311 mph).

22. Norwegians introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese in the 80s.

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23. In Japan there is a crying sumo contest, the goal is who succeeded in making the baby cry first.

24. Japan is famous for its many coffee lovers, they import 85% of Jamaica’s annual coffee.

25. When you use tolit, you must wear special toilet slippers so as not to pollute other areas.

10 Final Fun Facts About Japan

26. Japan prepares a smoke-free area, but is difficult to find in restaurants including in family restaurants.

27. Most Japanese politicians have an interest in the tobacco industry. But Japan is unique, 2020 is the first country to implement a smoking ban.

28. In Japan there is almost no immigration, and 98% are native to Japan.

29. Japan is the largest Amazon wood consumer in the world.

30. Tokyo is the second most expensive city in the world to live in.

31. Sushi was previously street food

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32. The most expensive tuna in the world is sold in Japan at a price of $ 735,000 USD.

33. Japanese sake is food made from fermented rice

That’s Japan with all its uniqueness and interesting facts around it. How do you want to visit Japan? But remember, Tokyo is the most expensive city to live in.

Hopefully you can enjoy this fun facts about Japan, and make you know more about the country of Sakura.