How to Dress Bay Windows with Curtains

Do you like to see bay windows neatly arranged with neat curtains? Of course, you like it not! On this occasion, we will explain this to you, especially if you don’t have an idea to do it. We give some ideas for dress bay windows with curtains. It is hoped that you can find ideas that you like for the beauty of your home window.

1. Use a long curtain for you bay windows

Use a long curtain for you bay windows

This is important for window bays that don’t have a sill, so use long curtains, this is always recommended. For the upper interior, we recommend using a slightly long curtain to display the impression of luxury and beauty.

However, if your window sill has a sill, this will be more flexible. This is more interesting, you can measure the curtain for use in recess, so follow the curve window according to the sill height of the window. Another way, you can also make the curtains hanging up to outside the recess. If you like to choose a curtain installed outside the recess, it is better to double the curtain because it gives the impression of luxury and is useful for covering the sun’s rays completely when opening the window. In addition, this also gives the ideal impression when you hook the curtain to the side of the window.

2. You must consider the type of rail that is suitable for your window

consider the type of rail that is suitable

Metal curtain poles with a little style can give a charming impression for a rectangular window or period properties. If your window bay is curved, the plastic rail is more suitable for you because this rail can curve on the curve. But there are disadvantages if using a plastic rail, it is not so attractive to look at. You must make the top of your window run away or invisible.

3. How do you want your curtains to drapes

How do you want your curtains to drapes

The curtain folds can affect the drapes style of the curtain itself. A very classic style is the curtain type pencil folding. Such a style can provide a uniform appearance. If your windows bay is curved then we recommend using a pencil folding curtain, this is suitable for this type of bay. A more formal style also recommends the idea of a folding pencil curtain because it can adjust good results around the curve.

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4. Look for the appropriate type of fabric to give a new impression

appropriate type of fabric to give a new impression

Through the color of cloth curtains, you can create an atmosphere in your room. So don’t choose the type of fabric. Think about what kind of mood you want. Thick velvet fabric will give the impression of luxury in your window. Usually, velvet cloth is used in large windows in rural areas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt this style, it will give you a weak impression on your home window.

5. Curtains and blinds must match

Curtains and Blinds must match

Conformity between blinds and blinds can provide real features in every bay window. Combine blinds and various types of blinds to display different styles.

To keep the maximum light from filling the room, try collaborating blinds with metal or wood blinds. Striped blinds are great for keeping the light in the room and good for maintaining privacy. Adding Roman Blinds can give the impression of luxury and comfort. You can also combine plain and patterned fabrics according to your interior model.