Interesting Facts About Ireland

Previously, we knew the facts about London, this time we will see the beauty of the country of Ireland and the interesting facts of this country. Ireland is a country located in northwest Europe. Ireland is an island separated by a great Britain by the Irish Sea. Did you know that this is the largest island in the world which is at number 20 of the largest islands in the world.

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Ireland is an island that is home to 6.4 million people. The area has an area of 84,421 square kilometers. While the capital is Dublin with a population of 1,273 million. The state of the country is hilly with many rivers flowing. They use the Euro currency, while the official language is Irish and English.

This beautiful country does not have an official religion like other countries like Brunei, but most of the residents there adhere to Christianity. The Irish flag is horizontal with green, orange, white vertical stripes.

20 Interesting Facts About Ireland

The Interesting Facts About Ireland

In this article, we will see more about interesting facts about Ireland. The following are the facts:

  1. Irish GDP is around $ 217.3 billion, while GDP per capita is $ 47,478.
  2. The Irish state runs on the legal umbrella of a democratic state. They formed the country’s constitution in 1937.
  3. Ireland’s main export is food such as potatoes, beef, and leads. In addition, they also export large quantities of Zinc, Lead, machinery, and pharmaceuticals. While materials imported are oil, aircraft parts, and petroleum gases, and vehicles.
  4. This island nation has built many trading partners over the past few decades. Now, America accounts for as much as 20% of imports from Ireland.
  5. Furthermore, the interesting fact about Ireland is the state of its green and lush earth. This greenness causes this country to be called Emerald Isle, this is because of its lush greenery and rolling hills. Ireland gets a lot of rainfall every year so that the country is famous for its fertility. The grass is green, the plants bloom all because of sufficient rainfall.
  6. Northern Ireland is led by the United Kingdom, while the other part is a free country.
  7. The history of Ireland in the past was full of war and violence. So, in this country, there are many castles and fortifications. One of the causes of Ireland’s famous throughout the world is because of the many castles that were a legacy in the past. So, tourists can visit this castle because until now there are many and left.
  8. Another fact is that Irish people speak English but Irish children are still taught Irish. Irish is also called Gaelic language.
  9. Most Irish people still believe in fairies. According to them fairies are creatures that have magical powers and can make big changes in their lives.
  10. People are born to St. Patrick’s Day, in Ireland is considered as a very lucky person in his life.
  11. St.’s Day Celebration Patrick is very lively in Ireland. On the feast day, they eat a variety of foods such as pork, savory chicken and drink beer.
  12. Wedding day in Ireland is a day that is celebrated grand and grand. Grooms wear kilts clothes which are their clan’s clothes. The bride wears white clothes as a symbol of purity. The wedding program was immediately livened up and their families came from far away places.
  13. Funerals are a sad thing in Irish life. But this sad occurrence is very rare. Funerals are usually done in churches and this involves a lot of food and drinks including beer and other alcoholic drinks.
  14. Guinness Beer is something that is very popular in Ireland, this is the original drink from this country and this drink can be found in many grocery stores.
  15. Sports are extraordinary and great activities among them, they are very fond of soccer, camogie, hurling, and handball
  16. The average family in Ireland consists of 4 people. They are two children and two parents.
  17. Another interesting Irish fact is in terms of gender equality. Throughout the life of the state, they already have two female presidents.
  18. The story and story of Dracula is a story inspired by the legend of Abhartach. Bram Stoker is an Irishman and grew up as an expert in legend.
  19. The country of Ireland has been inhabited by humans since 7000 years ago.

20. Interesting Facts About Ireland The high birthrate for the last 50 years, therefore this country is known to have the youngest population on the world surface.