Madison Square Garden Parking Guide

Fox Cities – Madison Square Garden is the most popular arena in the world, a place to be a magnet for locals and tourists alike. In addition, MSG also functions as a home for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers. Not only that, Medison Square Garden is also used as the busiest music arena and ticket sales place for various annual events.

In this case, the most important thing is the parking lot so that you become comfortable visiting MSG. Next, we write a few instructions on how to park at Medison Square Garden.

Street Parking Near Madison Square Garden

There is a parking lot in the MSG section that can be used. Places that can be used for parking are very difficult to find if there are large events held such as sporting events. So, if you want to enjoy the event held there, make sure that you are present a few hours before the event starts.

Unfortunately, Madison Square Garden doesn’t have an official parking space there because it’s located in midtown. Alternatively, visitors must park on the street and there are several other alternatives used for parking when there are events such as concerts. Here is a list of nearby parking companies and price estimates.

Handicap Parking of Madison Square Garden

Based on information from the MSG web that each parking lot has a special place for disabled people. Here are some facts about handicapped parking at Madison Square Garden.

  • Disabled people can park directly on the road around MSG with official permission from New York Special Parking.
  • Follow the instructions written on the back of the card to get where you can park.
  • Information from the Madison Square Garden website, individuals with disabilities who have parking permits from NYC is given several options for parking on the 31st, 32nd, or 33rd roads and roads 8 and 7.
  • If there is no permit for disabled people, then the city will tow the car that is parked.