santa barbara botanic garden

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a botanical garden that plants a variety of native California plants. This botanical garden was founded on a land area of 78 hectares and there are around 1000 rare and native species of native countries. This botanical garden is located in Mission Canyon, Santa Barbara, California, United States.

There is no reason for making this botanical garden. It was made in such a way as to protect California’s native plants from extinction in its own natural setting. Not only horizontal paths, if you browse this park you will find hiking trails around 9.2 km. Inside there is also a rock dam made in 1806. This ancient dam was made by Native Americans on the orders of Spanish padres.

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The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (SBBG) was created in 1926 with a famous architecture called Beatrix Farrand. Initially, in 1936, the construction of this park was only to accommodate plants native to the California province of Floristic. Then in 1983, the park became a Santa Barbara County landmark.

SBBG has a noble program for plants. Among the plant species grown there are: Aesculus californica ‘Pink Canyon’, Arctostaphylos’ White Lanterns’, Agave shawii, Arctostaphylos’ Canyon Blush ‘, Arctostaphylos insularis’ Canyon Sparkles’, Berberis aquifolium’ Mission Canyon ‘, Ceanothus’ Wheeler Canyon ‘, Artemisia californica’ Canyon Gray ‘, Ceanothus’ Far Horizons ‘, Eriophyllum nevinii’ Canyon Silver ‘, Fremontodendron’ Dara’s Gold ‘, Leymus condensatus’ Canyon Prince ‘, Heuchera’ Canyon Chimes ‘, Ceanothus arboreus’ Powder Blue ‘, Heuchera’ Blushing Bells ‘, Heuchera’ Canyon Belle ‘, Heuchera’ Canyon Duet ‘, Heuchera’ Canyon Delight ‘, Iris’ Canyon Snow ‘, Heuchera’ Canyon Melody ‘, Heuchera’ Canyon Pink ‘, Heuchera’ Dainty Bells ‘, Salvia leucophylla’ Amethyst Bluff ‘, Heuchera’ Pink Wave ‘, Lessingia filaginifolia’ Silver Carpet ‘, Salvia’ Dara’s Choice ‘, Salvia cedrosensis’ Baja Blanca’, and Verbena lilacina ‘De La Mina’.

Fire Botanic Garden

In 2009, precisely on the 6th of May 2009, the garden experienced a severe fire, as stated by This fire covers the front of the Santa Ynez mountain range behind the Santa Barbara botanic garden. The damage caused by the fire still leaves a trace, where several burned buildings have not been replaced or new buildings have not been formed. However, the interior of the garden has recovered.

One of the houses that were burned at that time was a century-old Gane House. This house holds lots of garden equipment and Garden instructions. The equipment was all destroyed, now The Garden began to replace its equipment with new tools one by one as they were in Gane’s house.

Some Photos in The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

santa barbara botanic garden

santa barbara botanic garden

The santa barbara botanic garden

SBBG santa barbara botanic garden

santa barbara botanic garden SBBG

santa barbara botanic garden

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