Upside-Down House In Myrtle Beach

The Upside-Down House in Myrtle Beach Is One of the Best Attractions in Town. A unique attraction that you can’t miss, it’s located on The Grand Strand, you’ll see the world upside down! This is truly unique and located in the Crab Shack at Broadway at the Beach bag, the Upside-Down House in Myrtle Beach is one part of WonderWorks, this is the most popular place in the city. Whether you take a walk with kids or family, don’t miss this amazing place. This will give you a different experience, your sons and daughters will make something truly unique.

Upside-Down House In Myrtle Beach

If you are looking for a friendly place for children in the city like the upside down house that we explained, immediately find information why tourist attractions in the middle of the city are suitable for you. North Myrtle Beach has a beautiful beach, a pleasant place and a soothing evening atmosphere and away from the crowds. So, immediately invite your family to visit The Grand Strang.

Went to Upside-Down House in Myrtle Beach

The Upside-Down House in Myrtle Beach, this is really a place that, as the name suggests, you will see an upside down house that you have never seen. The house that was built really rested on the roof, this was extraordinary. You can enter into feeling unique.

The Upside-Down House is one part of Wonderwork, the largest city park located on Broadway beach. There are many things that can be enjoyed at the wonderwork location. All this is made to educate children about the environment. Your children will know about things related to art and even outer space.

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If you like the game that triggers adrenaline, it seems wonderwork is perfect for you. Among the games that are ready to challenge you are “laser tag combat zone”, three-story, indoor glow-in-the-dark ropes course. But if you are not afraid of heights, there are other games that are more challenging for you. You can see birds from Myrtle Beach from the outdoor ropes course and zipline.

Upside-Down House In Myrtle Beach

This impressive place (WonderWorks) is open every day of the year. Sunday to Thursday is open from 10:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. While on Friday and Saturday it is open from 10:00 a.m to 8; 00 p.m. General tickets can be obtained cheaply, this is $ 27.99 for adults and $ 17.99 for children. If you want to enjoy all that is available, there is another ticket for you, the price is certainly more expensive.

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After you spend time at the Upside-Down House in Myrtle Beach, return to the beautiful place that offers many properties. There you can find the best property deals in North Myrtle Beach.